About BIAF

Built of the foundation and by bringing together Buzau International Film Festival and Comic 7 B International Theater Festival, Buzau International Arts Festival is the first and only event of its kind taking place is the Southeastern region of Romania.

Taking place during a whole month, BIAF is an event dedicated to art in all its forms, including film, theater, painting, photography, street art, dance and many more events.


A festival that takes over the city and county of Buzau during a whole month, at the end of summer, celebrating art and culture.


The festival’s main objectives are to promote culture and arts and to support Romanian and European artists by presenting their compelling and innovative works to the main public and to bring the public and the artists together during a remarkable event, but also to promote Buzau and its surroundings to the whole of Europe and beyond.


Buzau International Arts Festival is a unique experience, marked by concerts, special screenings, captivating theater plays, provocative works of art and more, all happening is special locations throughout the city and the county.


Buzau becomes a festival city during BIAF, because #welovebuzau.

BIAF Industry

During Buzau International Arts Festival, both Buzau International Film Festival and Comic 7 B International Theater Festival take place.


Both events feature international competitions and events dedicated to film and theater professionals and aspiring artists.


Buzau International Film Festival – BUZZ, now on its 6th year running, is an annual international film festival dedicated to film makers from Europe, including Israel.

We love European films and we have become home to creative, powerful, and entertaining stories so we wish to keep sharing them with the world.


We seek films that entertain, inform, create defining stories and break conventions.

Our goal is to showcase and promote these stories and further shed a positive light on our region and its creativity. Either feature films, short films, student films or documentaries, they can all find their place at BUZZ IFF.


To make the spectators’ and your experience memorable, the festival includes panels, parties, special industry events and, of course awards.


Comic 7 B International Theater Festival, also on its 6th year of existence, is an annual international theater festival dedicated to professionals from Europe and Israel.


Buzau International Arts Festival is dedicated to educating the audiences in the language of art and, more specifically, to attracting young future industry professionals by offering them dedicated events meant to educate and entertain them, but also to provoke them to think about a meaningful career in the arts.

Events such as: acting workshops, photography workshops, animation and drawing masterclasses and many more make their way into the festival’s schedule regularly.



Buzau International Arts Festival is organized by Asociatia Culturall and Asociatia Bulevardul Culturii, in partnership with local and national authorities and with their support.


Both organizing entities have a strong background in cultural events and activities, focusing on developing the cultural field in Romania and promoting Romanian and European cultural traits.