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Location guardians:


Our locations spread our throughout the city and it is important to have them staffed at all times during the festival. 

Weather you enjoy the outdoors and prefer staying outside, or you would rather be indoors, we have a role for you! 

The location volunteers make sure everything goes smoothly at all locations at all times: theater, concert venues, outdoor projection venues, these will be your main areas of work for the festival. 


What you need to do: 

– Offer information 

– Attend entrance 

– Check tickets and invitations

– Organize the locations for each event and make sure everything is (almost) perfect for our public and guests


Working time: 4–6-hour shifts / day. The day ends when the last guest has left, and the location is in order for the next day. For out of town events, the working times may vary. 

You will work with: BIAF location manager


How many people we need?

– indoor: 30 volunteers

– outdoor: 40 volunteers

– out of town (on the road for BIAF events in the county): 20 volunteers


What we expect from you: friendly attitude, to know everything about the festival’s schedule and guests, fitness (as you will need to help with setting up), willingness to work in all weather conditions, punctuality is a must, as is the ability to handle unforeseen events. 



Logistics team


BIAF means a lot of logistics: setting up screens and locations, décor and theater venues, workshop venues and out-of-town technical gear. 

The logistics team will need to handle all of these and more, making sure everything is where it should be and everything is in place for all events, carry, install, find solutions for any and all situations. 

You will work with: logistics manager

Working time is flexible, but you will work in shifts 


How many people we need: 10 people


What we expect: organizational skills, attention to details, punctuality and problem-solving attitude. Good fitness is a must, as the position involves a lot of walking and sometimes carrying heavy stuff. 

Promotional angels: 


We are nothing without our public, so they must be informed on all festival events and activities. This is where YOU come in. 


How many people we need: 30 people

You will work with: promo manager


The work: distribution of posters in locations, flyers all over town and in partner locations, making sure all locations are decorated, posters are changed according to schedule, sharing on social media channels and anything else BIAF needs in terms of promo. 

Working time: 4 hours / day, in shifts, including before the festival.


What we expect: complete knowledge of the festival schedule and guests, friendly attitude



Guest Assistants


The guys and girls who offer our guests the most amazing BIAF experience. 

You will have to meet guests right at their arrival, assist them with all the info regarding events schedule, prepare welcome packages, recommend partner restaurants, caffes, tourist attractions, check accreditation and make sure each guests receives a full welcome package and the appropriate accreditation. 


How many people we need: 10, as each one will work with several guests

You will work with: guest manager

Working time: 6-8 hours daily, timing varies


What we expect: excellent command of English, friendly attitude, communication skills and perfect knowledge of festival location and schedule



Photo and video wizards 


While your colleagues are working in other departments, we want you to document their work and also the festival events, guests and the special happenings of every day. 

We need to have photos and videos daily, ready to be published at 11:00 each day for the day before. 

We will use the materials for the BIAF afterfilm and to show everyone how cool we are. 


How many people we need: 6 people (maximum)

You will work with: Photo and Video manager

Working time: whenever something cool happens, you need to be there, so be flexible.


What we expect: passion for photography and video, friendly attitude, technical knowledge (you will need to edit all your material yourself before sending) and also, very important: you own your own equipment.